Sunday, August 26, 2012

Aromacology Sensi

Aromacology Sensi offers a wide-array of Skin-care products which are designed to fit Asians' sensitive skin. Using state of the art manufacturing facilities, and with the approval of Bureau of Food and Drugs, Aromacology Sensi's products are carefully crafted from all naturally-based raw matrials like herbs, flowers, and fruits extracts, a true perfect blend of nature science.

Aromacology Sensi started with one outlet in January 2003 at NCC Mall Davao. Not for long, people from within and outside Davao couldn't help but notice the effectiveness of it's product, not to metion its affordability which further made it one of the fastestt brand of choice for beauty-concious individuals. It was also featured in many articles, both localand national, as a wise alternative for skin care that is proudly Davao-made. After a year, Aromacology Sensi opened its first franchise outlet in Davao City, which was followed by the opening of another franchise outlets in leading malls in Davao as well as in other cities in Mindanao. Its success is mainly attributed to two distinct features of Aromacology Sensi products; " quality and affordability", which are seldom found in any other brands.

In November 2006, Aromacology Sensi introduced its new marketing sceme- the multi-level network marketing. With this, the company was able to expand with more than 10,000 independent distributors serving an ever growing loyal clients all over the country and soonin major cities of Asia. The company's vision is to become a trusted household name in skin care products and a realible business partnerto individuals who wants to achieve financial freedom and independence.